Talent INC has so many levels of success. Any person that goes through this development and showcase we consider a success. Everyone comes out of this program an improved performer. Even if doors do not open in other markets, each individual becomes more marketable and a stronger bookable talent in their local market. When you are on a journey of continually fine tuning your abilities you are a success.

Brooklyn Decker

Through this development program, at fifteen, Brooklyn was prepared for any audition as an actress and a model. After introductions to fashion agency Marilyn of New York, Brooklyn was on her way. She has worked for Seventeen Magazine, Teen Vogue, Elle Girl, Cosmopolitan, Shape, GQ, Nylon, Gap, American Eagle, Victoria Secret and ultimately booked the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit edition.

Brooklyn is not only an accomplished model but now she has broken into Television and Film. She has enjoyed roles on Ugly Betty, Chuck and Royal pains. Most recently she starred opposite Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston in “Just Go with it.” Brooklyn was also one of the leads in the action adventure “Battleship” and “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”. We are so proud of all of her hard work and success.

Jessica Stroup

Jessica Stroup met the founder of Talent INC when she was 17. Jessica always had that something extra in her eyes. Not only is she beautiful but she is a true and genuine talent. Whether she was working on Runway or performing a monologue, she wanted to be perfect and she rose to the forefront very quickly. After introductions to agencies, Jessica signed and went to Los Angeles. She had just graduated high school but she had the determination of a seasoned professional.

Jessica very quickly booked national commercials and has worked extensively in film and television. She has been seen on Grey’s Anatomy, True Blood, Vampire Bats, This Christmas, Prom Night, The Hills have eyes 2 and many more.

You might have followed Jessica for 5 seasons on the CW series “The New Beverly Hills 90210” as Erin Silver, the misunderstood younger sister of Jennie Garth.  Now she can be seen on Fox as Kevin Bacon’s detective niece on the series “The Following.”  We are so proud of all of the hard work and success that Jessica has been able to accomplish.

Coy Stewart

Coy Stewart was introduced to Talent INC by one of our incredible directors Ericka Deabreau, of Deabreau Modeling Consultants in Columbia, South Carolina. After completing his development and performing in the Talent INC Showcase, Coy won “Overall Child Actor” The agents vote for their top over all choices for “Overall Child Model”, “Overall Child Actor”, “Overall Male Actor”, “Overall Female Actor”, “Overall Commercial Model” and “Overall Classic Model.” After the show, Coy and his parents were off to Los Angeles and New York.

After signing with agents in both markets, Coy booked jobs in “A Raisin in the Sun” the “Electric Company” and portrayed Kevin in 92 episodes of “Are we there yet?” on TBS.  His most recent success is as a cast member in “Bella and the Bullfrogs” on Nickelodeon.  Keep looking for great things from this talented and charismatic actor.  Everyone is seeing what Talent INC. knew all along, Coy Stewart is a star!