Our daughter Isabella, better known as Izzy, participated in the Talent Inc. Program in 2009. This program was Izzy’s first exposure to the talent industry and we could not have asked for a better experience. The training she received prior to the showcase not only helped her have tremendous success in the showcase, but has also helped her secure roles in commercial print campaigns, local and national television commercials, and even a role in a feature film. She has accomplished all of this, prior to her 6th birthday.Our entire family enjoyed the venue and the showcase. Izzy made many friends and the whole experience was a tremendous confidence builder. Not only did we secure future contacts, but we also secured representation with 8 talent agencies across the country. Isabella is represented theatrically and commercially in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, and Orlando. We could not have obtained this level of exposure for Izzy, if it were not for the Talent Inc Program.Izzy enjoyed the program so much, she begs to go back every time there’s another Talent Inc Showcase. As a result of this program, our family experienced many other parts of the country, while Izzy pursued her career. Anyone who has met Izzy knew she was born for showbiz, but it was Talent Inc who first opened the door for her to pursue this dream. We would and we have recommended this program!