Talent INC. provides the opportunity for performers to make their entertainment industry debut through a national production showcases that show each talent that they can offer to the industry. Performers only perform in the showcases that show their strengths for the best possible result.

TV Commercial

Actors perform a 30 second television commercial in front of VIP guests to showcase their acting abilities in representing a brand.

Film Scene

Actors will perform a 90 second film scene with an acting partner to showcase their film and television acting abilities.


Actors will perform a 45 second improvisational scene with an acting partner. The scenario will be given to the actors while on stage and the fun begins!

High Fashion Runway

Models will showcase their high fashion walk and sense of style.

Photography Runway

Models will have 2 photos that appear on the movie screens as they walk down the runway to showcase how they photograph for the print agencies.

Swim and Sportswear Runway

Models will have the opportunity to present a swimsuit or sportswear that showcase their figure and ability for fitness and sportswear work.

Sporty Kids Runway

Child Models will present a sport outfit or uniform to showcase their favorite sport or activity on the runway!


Talent includes singing, dancing, stand up comedy, magicians, martial artists or any type of specialty act that is approved by the Talent INC. directors.