Now that Parker and Peyton have been in Los Angeles for a few months and we are starting to settle in, Wanda and I thought it appropriate that we reach out to you and express our sincere gratitude for your vision, direction and sincerity given toward our family. The training, positive reinforcement and exposure we received from the Talent Inc show was immeasurable. Our path to Los Angeles has been a fast paced and at times unnerving journey but with your wealth of industry knowledge of Talent INC, our twins have had an incredible experience that has exceeded our expectations. The advice we have been given and continue to receive, has been genuine and enabled us to make great decisions for the twins. The twins audition regularly in Los Angeles and to have been cast in a Paramount Studios feature film in a few short months in LA has been beyond our wildest dreams.

We cannot thank Talent INC enough for everything you have done for the Townsend family. We look forward to our next visit so we can share our gratitude and excitement in person.