Elyn Jenkins
4 years old
North Carolina

Like most parents, we would see kids on commercials or advertisements and think our little girl has the personality and look to do the same. Our biggest obstacle was not knowing where to begin the process. So we decided to look deeper into the world of modeling and acting for our daughter Elyn. We understood that for all of the success stories you constantly hear about, there were many more horror stories of children and parents getting taken advantage of, or having to pay unGodly amounts of money up front, or simply the reality of the modeling and acting business not meeting people’s expectations.

Talent Inc. was an opportunity for her to be seen by agents from around the country. Again, after doing our research and asking around, we decided to attend Talent Inc. in Orlando. Weeks leading up to Talent Inc., Elyn attended acting classes, runway classes, interview classes, and more in preparation for the showcase. We could not have been more satisfied with our experience in Orlando! As promised, some of the top agents and agencies in the industry were present and focused on finding talent to sign; talent that came from around the country and literally from around the world. It was amazing.

From Talent Inc., Elyn was afforded the opportunity to sign with over 10 agencies from around the country.

The next step in our journey was to take the ultimate leap and take Elyn to NYC!! Once the initial feelings of excitement wore off, the anxiety began to set in. What would this experience look like? What expectations should we have? Would this really be good for Elyn? As expected, the professionals at Talent INC were incredible resources as they helped calm many of our anxieties by communicating with our NYC agencies as well as helping us set appropriate expectations for the opportunity.

Elyn and Cindy stayed in NYC for nearly 3 months while Elyn embarked on her modeling career. Very quickly she began booking national magazine shoots, runway shows, and more. My wife began connecting with other families on the same journey which only increased her/our knowledge of the industry. The hand off from Talent INC to our NYC agencies was seamless. Our agents in NYC (Charlie Winfield and Heather Finn) are AWESOME!!

At the end of the day the experience was a huge success! We got to experience modeling and acting in the modeling/acting Mecca of NYC while also securing opportunities that will bring us back in 2015. The most valuable experience for our daughter was in the confidence gained from the opportunity. While she was a confident kid before, she now exudes a never before seen confidence having gone through Talent Inc. and working in NYC. Our experience with Talent INC has been incredible and we look forward to a long lasting relationship.

— Jamie Jenkins